The artist is the one who through personal choice can turn his emotions in substance.
Often he is a complex person, who during his life will face important periods, to become what he is. Maybe the dark periods will be represented by the passage in which an artist will touch his  deepest part, becoming aware of his inner treasure, his skills, too big not to be share. The artist is a person who has experienced the deepest darkest moments , touched the depths in order to return to the top with all the euphoria and adrenaline as possible; lived moments of pain, joy, frustration, moments of lucidity alternated with moments of fugitive hypnosis. It can not stand superficiality, monotony, needs constant stimulation to get going on. He works for himself, but also indirectly for others, managing to communicate feelings, emotions that can be perceived in a subjective manner depending on the observer. Restlessness, feelings of release with all the strength possible and to give to others, because when you have a gift, you have to share.
A 'realistic work will amaze you with its lines, its colors, its representation, but often an abstract work arouses in us positive emotions and negative. With just a few touches of color to capture our attention; what can be wonderful to our minds and in our eyes it is said that it is also for the heart.
Each of us will find our own way to be what we was born for, and 'ARTIST is BORN TO COMMUNICATE EMOTIONS.
When you buy something from an artist, you're buying more than one item, you are buying hundreds of hours of experiments and failures, you're buying days, weeks and months of frustration and joy. You're not just buying a thing, you're buying a piece of the heart, the soul, a moment in the life of someone 'else.