F/W 15.16 collection

18 September 2015

With our usual passion we have worked at the new collection F / W 15:16 which will be online as soon as possible !!

Soon you will find all the items on our shop online..but you want to give yuou a preview of the mood of our new creations.

Close your eyes and explore with us the worlds of street wear, rock...

Spiaggia arriviamo!

23 April 2015

Wow Day

23 April 2015

The Smile Smile! ... We loved it  in the 80's and 90's  when the Paninaro flaunted under their duvets Monclaire, we understand where does the idea thanks to Forrest Gump (will it?!?!: P) we use daily and the programs messaging, chat rooms, and social! Smile ... this will never leave us more ... and then revisit it, because it can...

Old School tattoo?

23 April 2015

The old school tattoos are among the most famous. After experiencing a period of substantial neglect they are in fact returned to the fore in the last few years.

But what are the tattoos that we call "old school" ?

What's in this old school style tattoos? It's need to clear up some misunderstandings. The old school tattoos are much less...

Skull Mania

23 April 2015

Long ago we were accustomed to associate the word "skull" to a Gothic gloomy, macabre, which apparently had nothing to do with fashion or etiquette classic of our times.

But now the rules have changed and come on t-shirts, shoes and accessories, skulls from the decidedly more glamourous than ever before. What happened? Why celebrities and ordinary people have revolutionized...


The hot weather has made its entry on the scene and came the fateful moment of the change of the closet. But pay attention to trends because fashion is constantly changing, so must have last year may no longer be the same.

The yellow is the color more vibrant look that will revitalize the spring, a nuance that there will...


22 April 2015

The artist is the one who through personal choice can turn his emotions in substance.
Often he is a complex person, who during his life will face important periods, to become what he is. Maybe the dark periods will be represented by the passage in which an artist will touch his  deepest part, becoming aware of his inner treasure, his skills,...